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Company Info

  1. airsMobile was founded by two former Los Alamos National
        Laboratory computer scientists

  2. Our team includes the former CTO of Nokia, a founder of
        many successful startups, and a leading corporate attorney

  3. Our vision is to be the mobile gateway to real-time
        metropolitan transportation information and acquisition

  4. Our first product is called TaxiRadar™ and connects you
        directly in real time to a waiting driver

  5. We are financed by venture capital and strategic investments
        from a $40 Million mentoring company

  6. We partner with some of the best taxi service companies in
        your area

airsMobile Corporate Facts

airsMobile, Inc.

62629 E Ironwood Ln

Tucson, AZ 85739

  1. Our partners include: Elite Cabs, Highland Cabs, National Cabs, Reliable Cabs, USA Cabs, Executive Cabs, Pay Anywhere, USA Motors

airsMobile, Inc.

45 Q St SW

Washington, DC 20024

Our principal offices –

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