Tired of trying to hail a cab?

Direct Connect To Your  Driver





See closest cabs –

See the locations of up to the ten closest cabs in real time. This allows you to estimate the response time and decide when you need to hail a cab.

Call driver directly –

Direct communications with the driver at any time. No number needed, just push a single button.

Follow driver's progress –

See your driver in real time as your taxi heads to your location. This "progress bar" removes the anxiety of not knowing when and where your driver is.

Recover lost items quickly –

No need to call central dispatch or track down a lost and found. Just select your last driver's number from your contact list.

Help your city's environment –

The TaxiRadar™ "Green Dispatching" system reduces congestion, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. No more cruising. Drivers simply pull over and watch for new passengers on their cell phones.

Use Credit Cards Easily –

Our credit card transactions are between you and the credit card company. The driver never sees your card.