Tired of trying to hail a cab?

Direct Connect To Your  Driver





  1. 1)What is new about TaxiRadar™?
    TaxiRadar™ is a unique product that runs on your cell phone. It connects you directly and in real-time to a waiting taxi. The taxi "sees" your location and you continuously "see" the taxi's location as it approaches. No more guessing if the taxi is coming. The direct connection allows voice communication between the two of you. There is no intermediate dispatcher.

  2. 2)Why do I need TaxiRadar™?
    TaxiRadar™ allows customers to see the cabs in their vicinity and request transportation from all cab companies at once by pushing a single button. No numbers to remember, no need to guess which company to call first.

  3. 3)What cell phones are supported?
    TaxiRadar™ runs on the Apple iPhone and any Android Phone. Tell us what additional phones you would like to be included on the Download page.

  4. 4)Why start in Washington, DC?
    Washington, DC is the second largest taxi market in the country. Have no fear, we intend to grow rapidly and quickly push into the other markets around the country and the rest of the world. But for now, if your avatar doesn't show up in the District of Columbia's (DC) metropolitan area, we won't be able to service your request. For those of you in DC, multiple cab companies are part of the launch of TaxiRadar. They include: Elite Cabs, Freedom Cabs, Highland Cabs, National Cabs, Reliable Cabs, USA Cabs, USA Motors, Action Cabs, Anacostia Cabs, Holiday Cabs, Aspen Cabs, Unity Cabs, Essence Cabs, and Meritt Cab Association. Cab drivers are extremely excited about this new technology, and more companies will be employing the TaxiRadar™ system as we grow to serve you.

  5. 5)Do you have any hints on using TaxiRadar™?
    Well, we suspect that you will tell us about your best practices and we will certainly pass them on, but here are some ideas:
    • make sure that your location is correct on the street map before pushing
        the "hail" button - the driver gets updates of your location, but it helps if
        they start in the right direction
    • if you make a mistake or just change your mind after hailing, push the
        "cancel" button - the driver will be appreciative
    • hail from a location where there are no other people trying to get cabs –
        the best part of TaxiRadar™ is that you no longer have to find the
        boulevards frequented by taxis and "compete" at busy intersections -
        what a relief
    • use the "Call Driver" option sparingly - in most cities, the driver needs to
        pull over to answer you
    • TaxiRadar™ will tell you the car identifier so you can easily spot the taxi -
        the identifier is typically on the side of the car
    • one of the best features of TaxiRadar™ is one we hope you'll never use:
        Your phone list is updated to include the last taxi that dropped you off.
        The name is "Taxi". If you left your briefcase, don''t panic, just call the

  6. 6) Will the GPS on my phone always fix my location?
    GPS locations are very accurate but GPS uses signals from satellites. If you are under a metal roof, for example, the GPS won't be able to determine your location. TaxiRadar allows you to type in your address from the menu. It then verifies the address and sets the latitude, longitude of your location on the streetmap. TaxiRadar™ also remembers your last location just in case that's where you are now.

  7. 7)What format should I use for a manual address?
    Here are some examples of addresses:
    1133 13th st nw     (if you don't specify a city or zip, Washington DC is assumed)
    wisconsin ave and m st     (intersections are ok)
    1750 n adams st, arlington va    (comma separates address and city)
    1750 n adams st, 22201

  8. 8)What is "Green Dispatching"?
    TaxiRadar™ is not just a convenience for passengers to quickly acquire a cab. The TaxiRadar™ system actually redesigns the cab industry infrastructure from the ground up. "Green Dispatching" refers to the changes in how the Cabs are dispatched. In this age of $4 per gallon gas, our system allows cab drivers to pull over and find their new customers without cruising. This reduces fuel costs, wear and tear on the cabs and reduces traffic congestion on our city streets.

  9. 9)Why doesn't the nearest taxi always pick me up?
    Taxis that already have customers from outside the system (street hails) appear to the passenger as available when they are actually occupied. These drivers know their status of course and do not respond to a TaxiRadar™ call until they have dropped off their passengers.